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domenica 17 ottobre 2010

Kiko Eyeshadow 68

Price: €2
Productor: Kiko Cosmetics Milano

This eyeshadow's named "Bianco Perlato Glitter", meaning "Pearled Glitter White", and it's very cheap!
Here are the swatches:

Here's what you can see from left to right: dry applied with fingers, dry applied with a brush, and finally wet applied with a brush.
As you can see the effect's really bad, if this eyeshadow's applied dry with a brush. Glitters go everywhere (often ruining the rest of the makeup), and the color's not pigmented enough.
The effect improve when the eye shadow's applied with bare fingers, but it's quality isn't good enough.

It's strenght is the wet application: as you can see the color's super-pigmented and you can really see the shimmer/pearl effect.

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